Jack Hammer: Road Works 1984-2009

Jack Hammer: Road Works 1984-2009
Jack Hammer: Road Works 1984-2009


  1. Station
  2. Gypsy Wind feat Billy Bob Thornton
  3. Good Friend Of Mine
  4. Must Have Been Dreaming
  5. Street Of Love
  6. Midnite Angels
  7. The Fisherman
  8. Ancient Heart
  9. Sarajevo
  10. The Game
  11. For Annette
  12. Fort Lauderdale (1999 recording)
  13. Liberty
  14. G8
  15. Rock Steady with Tidal Waves
  16. Mozambique
  17. Mr. Midnight
  18. The Haunting
Jack Hammer: Road Works 1984-2009

“The Game” from the “Bootleg” album, released in 2001, is not available on Spotify, so the 2014 cover version by The Lyzyrd Kyngs is used instead. “The Game” (written by Piet Botha) was actually recorded at Red Room Studios in October 1998 by Trip (Francois Scheepers & Niel van der Spuy) and featured Piet Botha and Johnathan Martin prominently. It was released on the Trip album ‘Is’ in 1999.

Listen to the 1999 version:

Piet Botha & Jack Hammer – The Game (original version credited to Trip)

Release information:

18th July 2009, JHCD003


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