Piet Botha: Jan Skopgraaf

Piet Botha: Jan Skopgraaf

Piet Botha: Jan Skopgraaf


  1. Jan Skopgraaf [4.07]
  2. Haiku Vir Rooijan [4.30]
  3. Blues Vir Louise [4.49]
  4. Loftus Versfeld [4.08]
  5. Kankerreën [4.21]
  6. Slawereën [3.25]
  7. Allesverloren [3.24]
  8. Van Tonder deel II [4.39]
  9. Boomstraat [3.06]
  10. Laat Die Wiele Rol [5.20]
  11. Riemtelegram [4.06]

All songs composed by Piet Botha except “Slawereën” by Valiant Swart and “Boomstraat” (Traditional, arr. Piet Botha).


  • Piet Botha: vocals, guitars, harmonica, piano
  • Johnathan Martin: guitars, cello, vocals
  • Tertius du Plessis: bass
  • Paul van de Waal: drums
  • Brenda Pieterse: vocals
  • Simon Orange: Hammond organ
  • Anri Serfontein: violin

Release information:
November 1999, Wildebeest Records, WILD 019


The song “Laat Die Wiele Rol” refers to somebody called Jackson. Read an interview with Hendry Jackson on the Roadies But Goldies post.

Ross Campbell from Open Record

This album stands out as one of the better Afrikaans recordings I’ve heard to date. A very straight forward middle of the road rock / blues production, but at least they got it right. All the instruments sound nice and full, warm and well played especially the piano. I have no idea what he’s singing about, but I think it has to do with trains, graves and the history of our country. Piet reminds me a lot of Dire Straits without the brilliant guitar or Tom Petty without the voice.

Whammy Bar 11 November 1999

Whammy Bar 11 November 1999