Jack Hammer: Ghosts On The Wind

Jack Hammer: Ghosts On The Wind

Jack Hammer: Ghosts On The Wind


  1. Street Of Love [4.29]
  2. Welcome To Azania [4.39]
  3. Midnite Angels [5.11]
  4. Someone Who Looks Like You [3.59]
  5. The Fisherman [5.02]
  6. One Train Running [5.05]
  7. Start All Over Again [4.21]
  8. Same Old Stranger [4.13]
  9. Keep On Missing You [2.56]
  10. Someone To Love [3.51]
  11. Who Will Feed The Lion [4.20]

All songs composed by Piet Botha except ‘Someone To Love’ and ‘Someone Who Looks Like You’ by Piet Botha and Finlay Malherbe.


  • Piet Botha: Vocals, guitars, harmonica
  • David Codling: Guitar, vocals
  • Finlay Malherbe: Drums
  • Lowell Jeffrey: Bass
  • Anthony Salvador and Mike Adams: Backing vocals
  • Tracy Solomon: vocals on ‘Welcome To Azania’
  • Simon Dube: Zulu vocals on ‘Welcome To Azania’
  • Kevin Leicher: Extra guitar on ‘Welcome To Azania’

Release information:
1994, Inhouse Records, INH 160 CD


Piet Botha and friends produce some superb blues-based rock on this album. Adding their own brand of South African angst to the blues, Jack Hammer play hard and heavy. Blistering guitar work.

Jack Hammer: Ghosts On The Wind (back cover)

Jack Hammer: Ghosts On The Wind (back cover)