A Piet Botha Tribute, 20th August 2021

The year was 1987 and Piet Botha had just brought out his first album. Little did he know that his path would one day cross with a wild-haired musician who, at this time, was still in his diapers. Jake Gunn was 18 when he heard Piet’s music for the first time. The album ‘Die Hits‘ had converted the young Gunn to a life-long Piet Botha disciple and played an instrumental role in Gunn’s musical development. After years of following his idol’s tours in the Western Cape, becoming his self-appointed road manager and his driver, Piet eventually appointed Jacques Groenewald as an official Jack Hammer member. Jake will be joining Johnathan Martin, Tertius du Plessis and Paul van de Waal on stage at A Piet Botha Tribute on Friday 20 August to pay tribute to The Hammer.

#TheHammer #PietBotha #ATributeshow #TheDaisyJones #JakeGunn #JackHammer


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