A Tribute To Piet Botha, 20th August 2021

Piet Botha‘s right-hand Johnathan Martin has been a part of Jack Hammer since 1996. ‘For Annette‘ was the first song that these two collaborated on and ‘Liberty’ was the first of many songs Piet and Johnno wrote together in the 2 decades they spent touring the country performing over 3000 shows and recording 11 albums to date. Johnathan will be flying down with The Jack Hammer band to pay tribute to The Hammer on Friday 20 August at The Daisy Jones Bar at OMG.

“Back in 1995 I was a fan of Jack Hammer and used to go to shows in Sunny Side. After Lanie vd Walt left in ’96 my mother passed away in a car wreck and at the funeral Piet asked me to join the band. My first tour was in Feb of ’97 and we toured from then on non-stop, doing 250 shows a year, at least! The first album I worked on with Piet was the classic ”n Suitcase Vol Winter’ album’ and I’ve been grateful to Piet ever since for giving me all these opportunities!!!”

Johnathan Martin

Limited ticket left online at Quicket – https://qkt.io/RS1OWH

#APietBothaTribute #TheDaisyJones #JohnathanMartin

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