Borrowed Time – A Tribute To Piet Botha

In light of the recent passing of a great father and teacher Piet Botha, some of his closest comrades got together to not only show their respect and admiration for this legend but also to honour an old friend in the only manner they knew how, by giving him a song.

Composed and arranged by Andre Kriel the track features the Jack Hammer band Johno, Tertius and Paul, together with Andre and Kobus from The Black Cat Bones, Arthur and Rudolph Dennis, Gareth Wilson and finally the Van Der Walt Brothers Lanie, Chris and Heine aka ‘The Wolmers’.

The Gauteng chapter of the collaboration was tracked and engineered in June 2019 by Lanie van der Walt at the famed ‘Wolmer Records’ in Pretoria North where Piet recorded most of his albums in both the Jack Hammer band as well as his solo offerings. Arthur and Rudi Dennis laid down their voices and guitar in Strand, Western Cape at Riku Lätti’s ‘Wasgoedlyn’ studios and the entire process was documented and edited into a live studio music video by the acclaimed Image Engineer’s Fred van Leeuwen.


Old Friend
Seems it’s time for us to part
But it’s not the end
Although it truly breaks my heart

Now the memories left behind
Are all that remains
So long for now
Till I see you again

Old Friend
Seems the world is moving on
But our time is spent
I can tell it won’t be long

And the road we travelled on
I now walk alone
But I’ll keep going till
It leads me home

We can’t live forever
No one ever will
But don’t you ever say never
Just keep pushing up that hill

Old Friend
I look back on all those years
And I try to pretend
I try to hold back all my tears

You have showed me many ways
Now you’re gone and I’m turning grey
You know it’s hard for me to say
I miss you today

We can’t live forever
No one ever will
But don’t you ever say never
Just keep pushing up that hill

You know we’re only passing by
We come and we go
Are we living on borrowed time?
Nobody really knows
Old Friend


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