Jack Hammer Jamboree Celebrating 25 Years on the Rock ‘n Roll Highway | Moonshine Lee

Hi All,

This year sees Jack Hammer celebrate its 25th anniversary on the Rock ‘n Roll Highway and to celebrate we are hosting the Jack Hammer Jamboree on 18th July 2009 (Piet’s birthday) at Cafe Barcelona. The idea is to start at about 3pm in the afternoon and have a carnival type vibe with tables & chairs outside etc. Jose will close off the area with screens and will serve pub grub i.e. hamburgers, pregos etc.

Piet has requested that the line up for the day consist of musos that have played with Jack Hammer at any stage throughout the past 25 years. PLEASE book this date in your diaries and contact Moonshine on moon@jackhammer.co.za to discuss the program etc. Please think about the songs and the line up you want to play with on the day so we can start putting a play list & line up etc. together.

Look forward to hearing from you

Rock n Rock!


“He who shouts loudly will surely be heard,
but a whisper cannot be ignored…. “

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