Official Website Launched

Piet Botha Website: Screenshot from 21st January 2001
Piet Botha Website: Screenshot from 21st January 2001

We had a website before we even knew the internet existed. Thanks to Brian …

Piet Botha, at Brian Currin’s 50th birthday bash, 7th February 2009.

21st January 2001: The website, originally launched on the 21 January 2001, is a fan site created by Brian Currin with major input from Piet Botha himself. Also big thank yous to Tonie van der Walt, Annalise de Meillon-Muller, Johnathan Martin, Tertius du Plessis, Paul van de Waal, Barry Frey, Jackie Frey, Stephanie Malchow, Natasha Grobelaar, Albert du Plessis, Saad “Vetseun” Cloete, Tertius Louw, Andrew King, John Samson, Kurt Shoemaker, Vernon “Moonshine” Lee and Stephen “Sugar” Segerman for photos, contributions, cover scans, reviews and inspiration.

Originally an entry on The South African Rock Files website. website was launched on the 21st March 2003.


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