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New Afrikaans album coming from Piet Botha in 2011

Piet Botha has started writing songs for a new Afrikaans album to be released in the new year.

Botha’s last Afrikaans album was the SA Rock Digest album of the year for 2003, Die Mamba. For the past seven years, Botha has focussed on the Jack Hammer band releasing two highly-acclaimed albums, The Pilgrim and Highway 13 and a career retrospective compilation, Road Works (1984-2009).

After the 2009 remastered re-issue of the classic Suitcase Vol Winter, there have been numerous requests for a new Afrikaans album. Botha has been road-testing a few songs in live performances, including ‘Sysie September’, ‘Die Heks Is Dood’ and ‘Hartbeeshuisie’.

In January 2011, Botha goes into the studio to start recording on the tentatively-titled ‘Die Heks Is Dood’.